Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blog/Website Moved

I have finally moved my blog over to my own domain name www.Game2eazy.com  . I will be updating that site often so please check it out. Thank you for everyone who was subscribe here as it has been a few great years on blogspot. Clicking the image above should auto take you to new site.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Day in the books

A long day thats for sure. Started off on a heater winning stacks in everything and koboom. Thought the day was going to be a bust until I drop to 4 tables and ran stacks up. I end up getting 3rd in the 10.50 super knockout for 500 tlbs and some change. I thought i played really well , just got super coolered set vs flush with final 3 to take me down under 10 bb. I also got a 3rd in the 11 dollar 2.5 k gtd deep stack  that lasted well over 10 hrs. So all in all today was a slight win , but most importantly have a back end score for my month if needed.

mtts played- 79
profit- around 300ish

Monday, June 30, 2014


Hello Every1,

 Been a long time since I have updated this thing!! The first half of the year for poker was amazing except for mrs fucking june. Seriously the worst month of my poker carrer losing and spending well over 35k. Poker can be such a bitch sometimes. Seriously i fell i played amazing all month just variance does happen. Hopefully it rains in July for me as I plan on going hard! Short recap of year..

Jan- Played winstar made around 30k at 5/10+
Feb- Winstar and chawktaw got 3rd in a circuit tournhament and won around 30k for month combine.
March- Played one week online in mexico ship some shit (162 nightly) and played cash  maryland 20k+
April- Marland got sick came home plan for cali +8k
May- Spent whole month in cali made 10k playing 2/5 5+10
June- Went to vegas drop 25k+ came online drop 5k+ final table big 55 and a lot of other really deep runs.

July- My goals for this month is to go HARD. I plan on finishing top 10 on monthly tlbs. My buddy aaraylnn won this months and 2nd for yearly. I ammo going to cut back on some of the higher mtts until a few binks to build confidence. I played over 150 hrs of mtts in 13 days last month so i hope i got out the rust. Good luck every 1 at the tables.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

6-13 Review

6-13 Daily Review
Play 14k hands (failed 12k would easily made it but got sidetracked)
Think of each decision ( i did )
Mentally strong ( Very was -700 at one point and should been up in ev wise)
Have fun ( very chasing the bonus)
Follow strategy ( i dunno how to follow )

Was fun lost money but not much in cap. slept the afternoon away ! I got approach with a new opportunity i might take. Been crunching my numbers and this might even work out better for me hrly so why no that it.. Will let yall know what going on when i finalize the dealio....Goodnight.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 629x287.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 800x379.

6-13 log

4:30 Woke up around 4 took a shower making coffee eating eating some toast. Little fatigue
but coffee will perk me up. Bout to get started only 23 million hands away like a few hours.
Let his this.

11:40 been non stop at it trying to hit one of the last milestones.. no luck down only a little but played like 11k hand stright gonna
load up 1 of every lvl 2 milly left gl us.

12"30 milestone over .... yuk lost 400 playing other game got in a 500 dollar pot kk vr fd on kxx board he obv get there .... Gonna take
a break then come back and try to recover my losses.

Results- (-428)
Music- Rap
Grade- B+

i guess i put to much effort into that session as i passed out  I woke up to watch the heat win 
and that about it.... im going to bed now gonna not wake up early as i might be switching games...
more on this later goodnight.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6-12 Review

6-12 Review

Play 12k hands (15791)
Think Think Think ( i really was mabey to much)
Mentally strong ( check)
try my new sb approach ( ya i did gotta keep trying it and give it a sample)
focus at the tables ( i was to bad i lost )
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 800x383.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 629x287.

A ruff day but i felt i played great. Weird i know there tons of variance and i fell i ran so many 2nd best hand today that tom gonna be a good one. Going to be ton of traffic on for the big milestone hand so i plan on going at it hard tom. Hopefully do something crazy like 8k vpps because im not going to play sunday how it looks.

6-12 log

2:50 Woke up around 2 ish took a nice long shower to get focus. Come up no
coffee  but still ready to put in some hrs. Gonna try to do 3 session of 4k
then one more session of whatever before bed.

6:00 done with first 4k hands. Didnt go well not gonna give up with new style
but lost a ton ev wise 2. But non showdown was good so give me some hope. o
much varience in this game its **** with ur mind. I need to nap tired gonna
try to get 2 more hr then come back at it,
vpps- 1200
music- rap
grade- c

8:00 Woke back up good nap needed it!. Gonna start back soon just taking care of some business.

12:20 done with 2nd set. Didnt stop at 4k hand cuz i was stuck again but felt
i was really focus so wanted to kick out some more hand. Brung it almost evn till i started
closing tables and drop 5 buyin back. Down a ton today but dont fell to bad about it
cuz i fell im playing good. Gonna give it more sample before i go back to old style
vpps- 2000
music- rap
grade- b

3:40 looong break ... i gotta get better at not doing these. Accomplish a little
so not all that waste gonna start back and go until i fell it time to stop. Hope i last.

7:30 done with 3rd and final set for today. Played ok ran good i guess... new style hard to tell fell
like im playing great poker but wish result would show lol not gonna give up ! Going to bed
early tonight so i can play through the big milestone tom.... ONE TIME!!!!
vpps- 2100
music- rap
grade- b
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6-11 Review

6-11 Review 

15k Hands ( Failed 14k)
Think Think ( I think)
Mentally Strong ( Like a rock)
Enjoy myself ( even touch myself)
own some reggys ( haha sry to the guy i min raised 100 percent today and he only 4 bet jam me 1...... out of 20+ time hehe ty for free dollars)

Another day in the books. Was swingy almost was a real good day. Wish i got 3 sets in but will try tom. Pretty tired and bum how bad heat played! I also put in some 6 max hypers. Won like 20 dollars but i think the ev thing on my hem 2 is ****ed i didnt run that bad to be down 400 in ev.....hmmm anyone know?

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 800x383.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 629x287.

6-11 Log

2:30 Woke up at a good time this morning. Already took long ass shower . Making some coffee now and dl updates
then i be on my way. Need to put a big dent in the mini challenge today.

7:36 Done with first set. Gonna try to bang out 3 set of 7k today or atleast the first two 7k hands. Games
were pretty good i ran crazy hot at 100 winning like 25 buyin.Felt i played prety solid and focus even had something click in that
made me a few buyins hopefully it continue to work . Gonna take 30-45 min break then come back and
get at it.
music- rap
grade- A

8:40 Going in for round 2. Hope its half as good as the first one 

1:20 Done with 2nd set. First 4k hand went really well next 3k hand didnt 
i didnt play my best at the end and made some mistakes and rush decision. Def
tired right now. Gonna go walk then come back and try to put some kind of volume in
. Done with 5k vpps already today!!!
vpps- 2700
hands- 6798
result- (-463)
music- rap
grade- C

7:20 wow 6 hrs l8ter i update. After that set i walk and came back and was going to nap
for 1 1/2 or so i thought. slept for 4 hrs to wake up at 6 to catch the heat. Gonna watch them
and try to get in a few hands before bed.

heat suc going in
going to play some hyper to mix it up tonight been wanting to do that.

played some hypers gotta look into hem 2 to see why these ev arnt correct. Gonna head to bed so i can wake
up and knock out tom. Kinda disapointed i slept that long in my nap but mabey it be good for the futu

Monday, June 10, 2013

6-10 Review

6-10 Review
Play 15k hands ( almost 18k )
Think Think Think ( yes very much brain hurts)
mentally strong ( very ran 1k under ev and never got frustrated except for this morning)
win a milestone hand ( if all i knew i had to do is type it and it would come!! )

Today was a good start to challenge. Knock out tons of vpps and thought i played pretty well throughout the day. To bad i didn't make table profits but i did make a nice pokerstars bonus Dead tired cooking dinner and going to bed. Tom another day!

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 800x437.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 629x287.

6-10 Log

2:30 up and ready this morning. Need to have a strong first day of mini challenge.
Fell pretty good gonna load up tables soon as my coffee done.

4:45 **** it was hit at 100 cap but a 2 handed table waste! my mouse battery died
and my tables got reggy so gonna take 10 and fix my mouse then get back at it.
first 3k hands went well playing good atm gotta stay focus.

5:00 Going back in

6:20 Done with first set. Woulda went longer but need to stop roomate came upstairs
started ****ing with lights and **** and got me off focus!!! Insta drop 5 buyin
after arguing with him and my mind is not there so gonna take a shower refocus and try 

vpps- 1400 
results- 114
music- rap
grade- F For having emotion and tilting 

7:00 going in for round 2.. mind is ok hopefully i click back in with a few hands..

10:30 done with 2nd set. Hit a bonus weee azimut my friend was at same table he won hand
but it was a nice free 1k  Now i want more lol greed. That session went pretty good.
played a lot of 200 and of course i lucky had 3 table of 100 up and it hit on that table 
vpps- 1600
results- 160
music- rap
grade- b+

11:45 Talk to gf layed outside and ate lunch ready for 3rd set. LEGGO

3:20 3rd set done. another milestone was hit at 100 cap but to bad i had almost all 200 cap tables
going. I got crushed this set but felt i played really good. Ran like 700 below ev and never got frusterated.
tobad im catching up to my run likegod at 200 to begin with hehe . Gonna go walk and get a smootie then
come back and play till im done. I already did the 5k vpps today so now i get to catch up.
vpps- 2000
results- (-485)
music- rap
grade- A

5:50 took a walk talk to girl and a shower... looking at lobby the games are so reg infested.was gonna try to put
in a decent session but dunno how it will go loading some 50 nl games now ...

7:30 Had enough fun. Games took forever to get going finnaly did and fell exhuasted. Making some stupid mistakes
but still ran a few hundo below ev. Gonna call it a night and try to get up
at 2 am again to really get a good lead on this mini challenge.
vpps- 700
results- (-18)
music- rap
grade- b